Out To The Old Ball Game

by Beverly Ruiz

After a tough 12-9 loss the Lancaster Barnstormers experienced yesterday  May 9th, 2017, we got to experience how much the Lancaster Barnstormers wanted to win! Through seven innings of great defense and exceptional baseball  the Lancaster Barnstormers lead the Blue Crabs with a  3-0 lead.  Frias launched a magnificent Grand Slam to a 8-2 victory. All of our clients and staff would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to Rodgers Associates for  the Sky box Tickets and Caroline from Fulton Bank for the food. We had a great time and hope to be back soon!

Carmen, Bonnie, & Henry

Carmen, Bonnie, & Henry

Elena CNA & Joe

Elena & Joe

Monica NA, Peggy & George

Monica , Peggy & George