New Activity — Country of the Month

by Lynn Lueders

Moravian Center Adult Day added a fun and educational event to our monthly schedule — Country of the Month.

Each month we examine a country of the world.  Our goal is to touch on each one of our client’s heritage at some point during the year.  We also want to stay current with events of the world and learn more about foreign places.  History, geography, culture and foods are some of the areas we study.

In January we learned about Puerto Rico, as one of our clients and one of our employees have Puerto Rican heritage .  In February we are learning more about Korea given the recent weapons tests conducted in North Korea.  In March we will exploring Ireland (of course).

Fridays at 11:00am is our Country of the Month segment.  Come join us!


Puerto Rican Food

Ramero DeJesus talking about Puerto Rican food and culture

Puerto Rican food

Ramero DeJesus showing the difference between a banana and a plantain.